Celebrate Your Big AND Small WINS!!!

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Happy February! 

First, can we talk about that Superbowl? I am so stinkin’ proud to be from Kansas. Patrick Mahomes has the best mindset and is such a class act! AH! So excited! 

I’m even more excited that it goes right along with this week’s topic of CELEBRATION! Tonight, the Chiefs are celebrating their win and tomorrow, they’ll go to Disney World and be in a parade. Later this week, they’ll go back home to Kansas City where they’ll be met with another parade and an entire city that’s lit up in red lights and fans cheering for them. They’ll continue celebrating with interviews, vacations and a constant reminder that they worked harder, fought harder and believed harder than any other team in the NFL. 

But what about you? 

When I look at my biggest successes, my client’s successes and friend’s successes, I see a victory and a quick celebration that lasts anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple hours and now we’re on to the next. 

The problem is that after continually moving on so quickly, you’ll develop a numbness to your wins and have to have a stronger and stronger win to trigger the “happy hormone” in your brain called dopamine. This is the same reason that marijuana is called the gateway drug and statistically leads to harder and harder drug use. After a while, the “lesser” drugs just don’t trigger the dopamine surge anymore. All addictions are this way. It starts small and leads to something harder because you’re constantly looking for that dopamine rush. 

Not an addict? Think you don’t need that dopamine rush? Think again. You don’t have to be an addict to need the dopamine. A lack of dopamine over a significant amount of time leads to depression, anxiety and has even been linked to Alzheimers and a list of other health issues. 

See? It’s imperative to celebrate your wins! The big and especially the small! Lost 5 lbs and you blow it off because it’s not your goal of 30? Stop it! 5 is better than none and it’s 17% of the way to your goal!

Does your celebration have to be this extravagant and expensive celebration? No. But it does need to make you proud of yourself and HAPPY! Put it out into the world that you are doing great things! You never know who you’ll inspire! Be excited for the things you work hard for! What’s the point in working hard and achieving your goals if they’re never good enough? Don’t we already fall into that mindset trap enough without putting ourselves into it more? Celebrate your success, whatever that looks like for you! Celebrate the fact that you followed through, stayed motivated, worked hard and persevered! Be proud of yourself for having character traits that not everyone has or everyone would’ve achieved the goals you achieved! 

So this week I want you to pick one small thing you achieve and celebrate it! Even if it’s something as small as not hitting snooze when you regularly do or as big as getting your book published, hitting your goal of 60 lbs lost or winning the lottery! I want you to celebrate it and I want you to email me about it! I want to celebrate WITH YOU!!!