Back To Basics



If you are ready to:

  • quit living on caffeine
  • set clear, attainable goals
  • how to create a vision board for constant, intentional mindfulness of goals
  • break down those goals into what you’re supposed to do daily to achieve them
  • start prioritizing your life
  • live with intention and space enough to breathe
  • stop wearing “busy” like a medal of honor
  • start communicating better
  • start setting boundaries
  • take your life back


THIS IS YOUR SIGN!! Get into this program! Get the support and accountability that you need!


What you get: 

  • Voxer coaching M-F (think of this as having me in your back pocket) to keep you accountable, answer your questions and get coaching in between sessions as you need it!
  • 6 group coaching calls (emailed to you if you can’t make the live).


Starts the week of 3/21


What past members of B2B are saying:


What was your biggest take away from the course?

  • “Love signals/communication with my spouse.”
  • “How to communicate more effectively and things that I do unintentionally.”
  • “I can finally say NO to things I don’t really want to do!”
  • “I have better time management now”
  • “Definitely setting boundaries and goals. I don’t feel like I did either of these very well before.”
  • “Two big takeaways. #1- I have to take care of myself first and 2- Boundaries are to protect me.”


How has your life changed with what you learned in this course?

  • “I now have a more free time and a better family life.”
  • “I feel our relationship is stronger from being held accountable”
  • “I’m not drinking energy drinks anymore and I’ve lost 5 LBS!”
  • “I don’t resent people as much as I used to”
  • “I loved this course! I feel like it gave me the reset I have been needing for a while now!”
  • “I was really struggling when I started the program. I was a “yes” person when I didn’t have time to be and, honestly, failing at taking care of everyone…especially myself. Since the program, I am making myself more of a priority. I am not afraid to schedule “me” time or take breaks throughout the day, am more clear with my boundaries, and doing my best to incorporate healthier habits one day at a time.”


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