Better Me, Better Us




An 8 week group course designed to help you better your marriage by yourself! Do you have a spouse that isn’t into getting help via therapy, coaching or otherwise? No problem. A great marriage is built on both parties being whole, healthy individuals themselves. When you are living into the best version of yourself, your marriage will see improvement as well.


Session 1: Who are you? Knowing who you are, your love and apology languages, your anger style, expectations, roles, and much more can help you know what to communicate to your partner.

Session 2: Self- talk, Codependency & Childhood- How are they creating problems in your marriage now? Ways to remedy this.

Session 3: Emotional Intelligence, Self-Regulation and Insecurities- How are these creating problems in your marriage and how can you use the tools and tips to de-escalate arguments or communicate well before it becomes a problem in the first place?

Session 4: Fight Styles- What’s yours and what’s the antidote?

Session 5: Creating balance and harmony in your life- meeting basic needs, reading your partner, reducing stress, syncing your cycle for productivity and peace!

Session 6: Laws of Boundaries 1-3

Session 7: Laws of Boundaries 4-6

Session 8: Laws of Boundaries 7-10


We start Jan 4, 2022! A great marriage starts with a great you! Begin 2022 with a better you!



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