Better Me, Better Us



After my husband and I had a rough start to our marriage and he was completely against counseling, therapy or coaching, I knew I had to save my marriage by myself. I started researching, went to therapy on my own, found life coaching, and got certified. A year later, I niched down to find a true passion in helping others with their marriages. Three years later, I’m still coaching and one of my most popular programs has become a program I developed based on what I needed 5 years earlier, one that would help couples thrive if only one partner was on board with getting help.


A 10 week group course designed to help you better your marriage by yourself! A great marriage is built on both parties being whole, healthy individuals themselves. When you are living into the best version of yourself, your marriage will see improvement as well.


Session 1-2: Who are you? Knowing who you are, your love and apology languages, your anger style, expectations, roles, and much more can help you know what to communicate to your partner. Who are you other than the roles you play? What roles need revamping in your life?
Session 3-4: Self- talk, Codependency & Childhood- How are they creating problems in your marriage now? Ways to remedy this.
Session 5: Emotional Intelligence, Self-Regulation and Insecurities- How are these creating problems in your marriage and how can you use the tools and tips to de-escalate arguments or communicate well before it becomes a problem in the first place?
Session 6: Fight Styles- What’s yours and what’s the antidote?
Session 7: Creating balance and harmony in your life- meeting basic needs, reading your partner, reducing stress, syncing your cycle for productivity and peace!
Session 8-10: Boundaries- what are they? What boundaries are specific to marriage? How to set them without coming across like an asshat, how to set boundaries to increase the love in your life and the respect from your partner! With any time left we will review and work on things you’re still needing help with.


10 coaching sessions. Full group voxer access to me. Never heard of Voxer? Think of it like a walkie talkie, a way to have me in your back pocket 5 days a week M-F to answer questions and get even more coaching!


Starting the week of 4/4.



**All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are given.** (You won’t need them anyway. I think you’ll LOVE it!)