Blended 8 Week Group Course with two 1:1 60 minute coaching sessions



Getting remarried after a divorce is more than difficult. Helping everyone thrive while also taking care of all the adult responsibilities is complicated. There is a lot of attitude, resentment, newness, anger, and confusion.

What’s your role? How do you maintain an authoritative stance while developing a connection? Where do you stand with your partner? So many questions run like a broken record in your mind. Where do you start?

I get it. 9 years ago, I was where you are now. Over the last 9 years, my ex-husband have learned to get along better as co-parents than we ever could have as spouses. I’m genuinely good friends with his wife. There is respect, responsibility, peace and boundaries. Even more than that, we have mastered the transitions from one house to the other, the relationships between children and adults. There will always be hiccups and forks in the road but we have the tools and the mindset to navigate those now. It’s not a guessing game and it’s not flying by the seat of our pants.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you belong in Blended! I’ll be teaching you everything I know and even more from experts.


What you get: 

  • 8 group coaching sessions- 60 minutes each (recording emailed if you can’t make it to the live session)
  • 160 minutes of 1:1 coaching broken into 2 sessions to create individualized plans and solutions geared to your specific family’s needs
  • Voxer access to me M-F for when new situations arise, questions come up or support is needed
  • Workbook to write all your thoughts and discussions in for easy access down the road


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