Deeper Love




An 8 module self-study course that will help you deepen your emotional connection, emotional intimacy and as a result- physical intimacy!

Module 1: Emotions-Why do we have them at all? Identifying, expressing, being mindful of them. 

Module 2: Needs as an individual and as a couple. How to meet them all without burning out.

Module 3: Empathy- Why is empathy important? Having and Showing Empathy

Module 4: Communicating/Expressing our emotions in a healthy way

Module 5: Listening to hear and help your spouse feel heard/understood

Module 6: Emotional connection- how to build it with your spouse after the newlywed phase has worn off

Module 7: Protecting yourself and your emotions with boundaries

Module 8: Fighting Fair- fostering peace when emotions have escalated 


Included: 30 conversation starters to build emotional connection

Bonus module: Fostering better relationships with your kids by using emotional management in parenting


Payment plans for this course are available as well. Email me at coaching for more info.


If you would like 1:1 coaching to help intensify this course and deepen your love even further, email me at


The price for that is $1,257 for the 8 weeks and includes 8 weekly coaching sessions- (30 minutes each).