EQ & You



What is EQ? Why is it important?
Do you have a hard time identifying or communicating your emotions? Do you get tongue tied and walk out or lose your temper? Have you been told you lack empathy? Do you have a hard time with authority? Is your marriage on the rocks? All of these are directly related to your level of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is NOT something you’re born with but rather learned and developed. Your intelligence quotient (IQ) is what you’re born with and determines how “smart” you are while your emotional intelligence is different. It’s how you relate to, identify and manage yourself, those around you, your relationships, your job and your social environment. Have you been called passive, socially awkward, or even an a**hole? You may be lacking emotional intelligence.
Are You Ready?

Are you ready to be able to communicate your emotions, needs and frustrations in a more effective, healthy manner? Ready to feel heard, understood, and respected? Are you ready for a connected marriage? Are you ready to feel the positive difference in the interactions you have with your spouse? Are you ready for the positive relationships at work, in your extended family, with your spouse and your kids? Then EQ & You is where you belong!!


You get:

10 group coaching sessions that will teach you tools on Self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and relationship building (marriage and professional relationships) As men and women, you’ll be separated into a group of husbands/men and a group of wives/women. Based on our roles, we have different needs and different levels of vulnerability in expressing our emotions. When we are in a group of people who are on the same playing field as we are, we can open up more and be able to learn more. ($800 value)Full Access to me through the Voxer group for the entire 10 weeks
— Never heard of Voxer before? It’s an app that’s like a walkie talkie and allows you to send voice messages that don’t cut you off after one minute like Facebook Messenger or you can text. I can answer in real time or as I get the chance throughout the day. ($650 value)

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