Has your wife suggested you go to therapy? Has she told you that you don’t love her well, you’re selfish, you suck at being a husband? You’re trying your best, but it just doesn’t seem good enough?

Maybe you want to go to therapy but the thought of sitting on a couch in front of a total stranger talking about feelings and your childhood makes you want to run away. I got you.

Think back to when you played sports. Your coach told you what to do, made you run the play and when you messed up, he pulled you to the side, explained what you did wrong and told you to “run it again”. That’s my approach. I’m not going to Willy Wonka this for you. I give you exactly what you need to do in a very straightforward, no fluff, no bull kind of way. You run “the play” with your wife and if/when it goes to crap, you get on Voxer and voice text “Kam, here’s what happened.” I tell you what went wrong without the criticism you’re likely getting at home and have you run it again.

Every week you will have growth work but it’s not a paper pencil type. It’s applicable, practical and in real time.



A 6 week 6 session one on one coaching approach to loving your wife well and becoming the husband she’s always wanted.

Learn to: 
Speak her love language
Validate emotions & experiences (even if you don’t agree with them).
Connect with her on a deeper level
Get the respect you want most
Express yourself and communicate better
Hear the message she’s communicating (even if the behavior seems “dramatic”)

Stay engaged in a conversation, even when you feel like you’re having an out of body experience.