Amber & Travis

We really appreciate coaching. We feel it’s giving us better coping mechanisms and tools to handle rough spots in our life and marriage. It’s also helping us to be more empathetic to each other and handle some of our past issues that we were holding on to. We feel the program is well rounded with the ability to talk through current issues, past problems, and homework to help us better ourselves on our own time. We appreciate Kameran’s coaching style. We need a straight shooter to call us on our issues and be blunt with the truth. We would not have received coaching well if it was delivered in a softer format. We feel honesty cuts to the issue and helps us navigate more in a session. We have also appreciated the visuals that show us how our marriage meshes together. We like having extra books and tasks to do to help us better understand different coping mechanisms or ways of thinking. We are very happy with our time with Kameran!