Course review for the 6 week Primer for Younique

Kameran had great tips and advice, relevant, always something for feedback. I appreciated being coached into self-reflection to get some answers and the guidance when I struggled to figure it out. I loved having it online/“in person” and with the option for follow-up.

This program changed my mindset. It help light a mini fire under putting myself first and making the time and effort to put back into me and my wants, needs, desires, and God’s will for me. It’s a serious consideration to become a life coach and now, I’d like to put more effort into a better 90 day plan to pursue that.

The program just completed-but the 90 day plan is a great tool to stay on track. Getting into the routine of completing the mini tasks to keep moving in the right direction may be a challenge, as I’m motivated for the goal…but establishing the habit of dedicated time to accomplish that goal may take some practice.