Kameran has very good insight into what is true for your younique life challenges.  She has a natural ability to see your situation objectively and uses her knowledge & skills to give you clarity in identifying where you need to grow.  She gets to the root of your struggles quickly & accurately, and gives clear direction on how you should move forward and make changes that will better your situation.  She is committed to her clients, and genuinely wants to help you live your best life!  Kameran has a very straight forward approach, and if you’re sensitive and not willing to admit your weaknesses or receive constructive feedback on where you need growth, you might find her feedback somewhat painful to receive at times.  But if you’re really committed to identifying areas for growth and make changes where you need to improve, Kameran will help you find a path to success!

Kameran has given me valuable insight, encouragement & accountability to make big changes in my life and make progress towards my goals.  Her programs have addressed areas that really needed work in my life – physical health, spirituality, marriage – especially in the area of communication, emotional response to life’s challenges, habits, & goal setting.  I’m a completely different person than I was a year ago.  

From the Younique Course – I have a clearer understanding of what God has designed me to do in this life, and what things are worth my time and energy so that I can live my best life in line with God’s plan for me.  I can filter any decision I have to make through that matrix so that I am being true to my calling. 
From the SYMBIS course – I have maintained a significant “leveled up” status in my marriage since completing the SYMBIS course over 6 months ago!  Our marriage improved drastically while completing the SYMBIS course, and though we have had some minor setbacks & tendency to return to some of our old habits, there is a new level of commitment to work on our struggles using the tools that we learned, because we know how much better our marriage is when we work on it!  One of the most impactful things I learned that has really stuck with me is that I can only control my response to any given situation. I cannot control my spouse’s behavior.  Even when he does something that I don’t like, I need to focus on myself and how I can respond in that situation.  That mindset has really helped reduce conflict in my marriage.  
I still have challenges after completing her programs, but I can refer back to the knowledge & information I have received through the various programs in order to stay on track.  Also, I know she is always available for a 1:1 coaching session to help me through any ongoing struggles I have!