Coach Bio

Hi! My name is Kameran Thompson Al-Areqi. I’ve been married for a little over 4 years and with my husband for 6. We’ve endured immigration, visas, governmental scrutiny, racist comments, judgment, loss of jobs, gaining our dream jobs, loss of purpose, gaining our purpose, moving to 3 different major cities, cultural differences, language differences, the pain of not being able to get pregnant, aviation life (a total trip in itself!), the excitement of finally getting pregnant, the roles of being a bonus parent and a biological parent (for him), and that’s on top of the every day life that marriage brings as a whole.

I believe that when things are brought up as a hardship in life, it’s something to really dig deep into and learn from. This is especially true if you find yourself having the same problem repeatedly. With us, as listed above, you can see that there is so much we have been through. Was it easy? Absolutely not. Did we want to quit? Some days. Did we ever wonder if it was worth it or if we were making a mistake? YES! But we got through it using the exact tools that I coach on. These tools don’t just sit on the shelf now that we are in the best place we’ve ever been though. A great marriage takes intention, effort and both of us working on ourselves as individuals every single day so that we can show up for our marriage and our boys as our best selves. It takes a conscious decision every morning to wake up and say “yes, I choose you for another day”. It also takes using those tools until they are broken in like your favorite pair of sweatpants from college and keep on using them.

Being divorced from my first marriage, I desperately wanted tools and coaching but at the time, didn’t know that it existed. I wanted better for my second marriage than what I had for my first. I wanted better for myself and better for my son. Now, I not only have better but create better for others to have as well.

I coach because I truly believe it’s my God-given calling, my purpose and my passion. I thoroughly enjoy helping couples create harmonious marriages that spread to helping their families thrive, their children learn what love and great marriage looks like and provide peace in the home.

When I’m not coaching, my husband and I are with our boys. We love to travel and enjoy the great outdoors! I also love to read and paint!