Coach Bio

Hi friends! Thanks for visiting! I’m Kameran Thompson Al-Areqi. I am a certified life and relationship coach.

My mission as a coach for women is to help you discover your purpose. You are NOT “just” a mom, “just” a wife, “just” a career woman. You are magnificent, magical, vital, beautiful, and inspirational to so many more outside your immediate day-to-day connections. I coach you to believe in yourself, recognize your incredible potential and then step into that purpose fully and unapologetically.

As a couples coach, my mission is to eliminate codependency, increase the individual strengths you each bring to the table and create a “team” cohesiveness by developing conflict management skills, impeccable communication strategies, deep intimacy, and making money a resource instead of a battle. Your partnership will be fine tuned and unbreakable. Please note that this program is biblically based but not in your face religious. It is one that my husband and I have gone through, implement in our own marriage and have found to be quite efficient.

In both coaching scenarios, I combine 36 years of life experience, 2 certifications and over 1,000 hours of coaching experience to help you realize what your highest self looks like, what an exceptional relationship looks like and how to make those visions your reality. I believe that as an individual, everyone has a special combination of gifts that can only be carried out by that specific individual. I believe that everyone’s butterfly effect is astronomically enhanced with intention, self-awareness, and connection. I believe that anyone can make a relationship work with anyone else, no matter their enneagram number, their personality or otherwise as long as they are both willing to work on themselves as an individual and fight for the relationship together.

Let me help you be exceptional. You deserve to live your best life as your best self. You deserve to show the world what you have to offer!