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After taking the Revive-12 week couples course, I asked Kasey how her and her husband’s lives have changed since beginning the course. She said “we have gotten out of our rut and communicated more effectively with each other.”


I believe this coaching has helped my wife and I see and understand one another better. It has brought us closer in our marriage. However, she still thinks my jokes are dumb.

Jason S. – Michigan

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This month, I had the honor of being a guest coach for another group that is coached by a lady I met in a mastermind I was in a few months back. She asked me to coach on communication as it pertains to every situation, not only in relationships. I thought today, I’d share some of those nuggets with you! 

Are you qualified?

Did you choose your career or was your career chosen for you based on a set of circumstances? Or maybe based on someone telling you that you needed to “just pick something and get out of college”? If you had it all to do over, would you choose something else? What would it be?

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