Every person has different circumstances, different needs and different values. That’s why I offer different types of coaching packages. No coaching package is going to be a one size fits all and the coaching you receive shouldn’t be a cookie cutter approach either.


For Couples


Marriage Bootcamp

7 month commitment, 25 sessions- 60 minutes each, Full Voxer access
This is an assessment based course that will teach you how to read yourself and your spouse like a book. You’ll be able to disagree without a fight. Arguments will be civil and calm. You’ll feel like partners, a team, co-creating life together with passion, intimacy, commitment and harmony. It’s not only obtainable, most clients start seeing results in 3-5 sessions! I’m not going to Willy Wonka this- it’s going to take work, effort and commitment.  This coaching program is lead in a progressive manner that focuses on solutions instead of making each other the enemy. You will learn tools to use every single day for the rest of your marriage. You will change habits and rewire mindsets. Intense? Yes! Worth it? Every single day and twice on your anniversary. You get what you’re committed to in a marriage. Are you committed to change, harmony and unity? 

If you’re ready to start working together as a team, stop being roommates and stop treating each other like something off the bottom of your shoe, let’s get started! 


Price: $7,122


 Gonna Get Married

8 sessions, 60 minutes each, Full Voxer access
This program is assessment based and prepares you for all the scenarios you’ll need to have a phenomenal marriage! You’ve prepared for your wedding day down to the smallest details. Have you prepared for marriage? Hardships are inevitable but this course will give you the tools and preparation you’ll need before you even get there. We will discuss expectations in multiple different areas of marriage, roles, finances, how you’ll handle certain situations, in-laws, holidays, how to handle big decisions like buying a house or having kids, how to communicate and much much more. The average wedding in the U.S. costs $31,400! Make sure you’re adding pre-marital coaching into that budget!


Price: $1,197

Monthly Membership:

  • A Monthly Membership that allows you to have 2 pre-recorded videos uploaded as well as a list of 35 questions/conversation starters. The videos will be approximately 30 minutes in length and will deliver tips and coaching over topics like trust, communication, building emotional connection, building intimacy in and out of the bedroom, creating balance in your home, etc. These prompts will help you put the spark back in your relationship as you learn things about your partner that have changed, you didn't know before or bring that emotional connection back. There are 35 prompts so that if you don't like one, skip it. If you want to do 2-3 a day and skip a couple days because life got busy, no problem! Want to break them into 4 and do them during the weekly date night? Great! You do what works best for you and your relationship! The idea is simply to give you tips for building a better, stronger relationship and the ability to come together again!

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Group Courses:

Back to Basics

A 6 week course for those who are ready to:

Stop wearing busy like a badge of honor and living on caffeine.

Start setting boundaries

Stop living with resentment and start living with needs and expectations met

Learn to communicate those needs and expectations so your family WANTS to meet them

Get clear on what’s holding you back, what you need to do to level up and break down the action steps so you know exactly what needs to be done on a daily and weekly basis to make it happen!

Declutter your calendar and your life so your habits are clear, concise, prioritized and most of all- efficient!

Take your time, energy, desires and life back!

10 Coaching sessions

Voxer support (think of it like having me in your back pocket all day M-F)

Workbook/Journal  exercises 

Price: $1,497

Better Me, Better Us

A 10 week group course designed to help you better your marriage by yourself! Do you have a spouse that isn’t into getting help via therapy, coaching or otherwise? No problem. A great marriage is built on both parties being whole, healthy individuals themselves. When you are living into the best version of yourself, your marriage will see improvement as well. This course is 10 intensive sessions of tools and coaching (that I’ve used and applied myself) around what you can do by yourself to better your marriage. Starting March 12, 2022.
Session 1-2: Who are you? Knowing who you are, your love and apology languages, your anger style, expectations, roles, and much more can help you know what to communicate to your partner. Who are you other than the roles you play? What roles need revamping in your life?
Session 3-4: Self- talk, Codependency & Childhood- How are they creating problems in your marriage now? Ways to remedy this.
Session 5: Emotional Intelligence, Self-Regulation and Insecurities- How are these creating problems in your marriage and how can you use the tools and tips to de-escalate arguments or communicate well before it becomes a problem in the first place?
Session 6: Fight Styles- What’s yours and what’s the antidote?
Session 7: Creating balance and harmony in your life- meeting basic needs, reading your partner, reducing stress, syncing your cycle for productivity and peace!
Session 8-10: Boundaries- what are they? What boundaries are specific to marriage? How to set them without coming across like an asshat, how to set boundaries to increase the love in your life and the respect from your partner! With any time left we will review and work on things you’re still needing help with.

10 Coaching Sessions

Voxer Support (Like having me in your back pocket all day M-F)

Workbook exercises




What past clients are saying:

What was your biggest take away from coaching with Kameran?

“Love signals/communication with my spouse.”

“How to communicate more effectively and things that I do unintentionally.”

“I can finally say NO to things I don’t really want to do!”

“I have better time management now”

“Definitely setting boundaries and goals. I don’t feel like I did either of these very well before.”

“Two big takeaways. #1- I have to take care of myself first and 2- Boundaries are to protect me.”


How has your life changed with what you learned during your time with Kameran?

“I now have a more free time and a better family life.”

“I feel our relationship is stronger from being held accountable”

“I’m not drinking energy drinks anymore and I’ve lost 5 LBS!”

“I don’t resent people as much as I used to”

“I loved this course! I feel like it gave me the reset I have been needing for a while now!”

“I was really struggling when I started the program. I was a “yes” person when I didn’t have time to be and, honestly, failing at taking care of everyone…especially myself. Since the program, I am making myself more of a priority. I am not afraid to schedule “me” time or take breaks throughout the day, am more clear with my boundaries, and doing my best to incorporate healthier habits one day at a time.”

“My marriage was on the verge of divorce. We fought more than we were nice. I was always afraid the other shoe was going to drop and honestly, I did EVERYTHING for my husband. I felt like I had 4 kids instead of the three I birthed and it was my own fault. After Better Me Better Us, I feel like I have a husband again! I feel respected and like we are a team. He even does all the laundry now! Our marriage is better than ever and can I say this? We’re even getting intimate 4-5 times a week now! Before it was once a month MAYBE. I feel like we are just married! Thank you Kam!”