Every person has different circumstances, different needs and different values. That’s why I offer different types of coaching packages. No coaching package is going to be a one size fits all and the coaching you receive shouldn’t be a cookie cutter approach either.

For Couples

Love Well
12 sessions, 60 minutes each, Voxer access
This is an assessment based course that is tailored to what you need as a couple. The basics of the course include the how to’s of communication, cultivating intimacy, love and apology languages, gender roles, expectations, fighting in a healthy, progressive manner that focuses on solutions instead of making each other the enemy. This is 2/3 of the course. The other 1/3 is extra help on these areas or on other areas specific to you.
If you’re ready to start working together as a team, stop being roommates and stop treating each other like something off the bottom of your shoe, let’s get started!

Gonna Get Married
6 sessions, 60 minutes each, Voxer access
This program is assessment based and prepares you for all the scenarios you’ll need to have a phenomenal marriage! You’ve prepared for your wedding day down to the smallest details. Have you prepared for marriage? Hardships are inevitable but this course will give you the tools and preparation you’ll need before you even get there. We will discuss expectations in multiple different areas of marriage, roles, finances, how you’ll handle certain situations, in-laws, holidays, how to handle big decisions like buying a house or having kids, how to communicate and much much more. The average wedding in the U.S. costs $31,400! Make sure you’re adding pre-marital coaching into that budget!

Group Courses

Better Me, Better Us
6 Weekly Coaching Sessions, Voxer Access through the Group, Accountability, Workbook Exercises
A marriage is only as healthy as the least healthy person in it. To have a better marriage, you have to be the best version of you. This program is for people who want a better marriage but their spouse isn’t on board with coaching just yet. That’s ok! No need to wait! You can start making BIG changes in your marriage all on your own. We come into the relationship knowing only what we’ve seen and the subconscious beliefs that have been formed by our own experiences. What if those experiences aren’t healthy? This course helps you with changing your mindset, communicating, setting boundaries, and helps you stop keeping score, stop pointing fingers and blaming, stop fighting and start loving, start becoming your best self with more confidence, grace and relationship skill. This is a group course. You may need to wait until the next round. Email me at to see when the next round will be taking place.

Back to Basics

5 Weekly Coaching Sessions, Voxer Access through the group
Spinning all the plates, feeling like you’re living for everyone else but yourself, life kicking you in the face with a golf shoe? I got you. This program is for men or women and is a group program. We will cover how to set boundaries and why it’s important, how to get your health in check, how to go from barely surviving all the things to truly thriving, taking your life back! I used these tips and tricks to get rid of my anxiety, lose 45 lbs in 8 months, start sleeping better (even with an infant), and get my life together! This is a group course. You may need to wait until the next round. Email me at to see when the next round will be taking place.