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Month: August 2021

Do You Fight Fair?

Have you ever thought about your fight style? Chances are, probably not. You know that you and your partner argue, every couple does. In fact, arguments can be a fantastic source of connection! It’s how you argue that really matters. 

Are You Happy?

Moments of unhappiness are given to us to teach us something, even in marriage. If you’re always inconvenienced by something getting in the way of your happiness and you’re angry and bitter toward whatever came up, you’ll never actually solve the issue. You’ll run away from opportunity, quit on yourself, divorce your spouse, all because it got hard and you “weren’t happy.” 

How do you see yourself?

And for the love of summer, quit apologizing for how you look! If people are coming to see you based on what you look like (or your house for that matter) they need to make an appointment and you need new friends.