Monthly Workshop



June’s couples workshop is all about identifying your conflict cycles! If you are:

  • having the same arguments over and over
  • triggered by the same issues
  • feeling like your partner has one way of handling conflict and you have another
  • feeling like you’re chasing your partner while they’re running away



During this workshop, your camera will not be on and you will be muted but you will be able to chat with me. This allows for complete anonymity and confidentiality for you as the client. You will have time to practice and reflect on the lessons we’ll go through in real time. You’ll learn how to communicate together, reflect and work through these cycles in a healthy manner.


This month’s workshop date will be June 19th at 7 PM CST. If you aren’t able to make the live session, the exercise will be recorded and a link to watch with your partner at a later date will be emailed to you. Email me at to let me know you can’t make it and I’ll make sure to get that link to you 🙂