1:1 Couples Coaching



1:1 Couples Coaching is for the couple who is ready to commit to taking their marriage/relationship to the next level.

Maybe the arguments aren’t being resolved or they escalate quickly. Maybe you feel like you’re “just not on the same page”. You need help communicating to be heard, understood and seen. You want to feel like you’re a team!

As a certified coach and married myself, I can absolutely help you get there!

In my 7 month course, you will not only learn all of that but also how to communicate and meet each other’s expectations, fulfill the roles that work for your family, not what “has always been” or others think “has to be”. We will work through past issues but focus more on goals, your future and how to achieve more as one unit! You’ll learn to understand yourself and how to communicate your emotions in a healthy manner. You’ll learn to read your partner like a book and respond accordingly- healthier than you’ve ever been before as a couple.

If this sound like what you’re looking for, my 1:1 coaching package is for you!

If you need a payment plan, please email me at coaching@recognizingpotential.com.


This is a 7 month minimum commitment with no refunds or exchanges available. No guarantees are made. However, couples who have committed to doing the work in the past have had success with this program. All testimonials are on the testimonials page of this website.



**All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are given.**