How do you see yourself?

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This past weekend I went back to my hometown for my 19th high school reunion! Every 5 years, all of the alumni get together and it’s a really big deal. Super fun weekend! I loved seeing everyone and talking to my classmates about where they are, seeing pictures of their littles and hearing about their passions. 

As I was on the plane ride home this morning, reflecting on the weekend, the conversations had and how I wish time would’ve allowed me even more connection with some, I kept thinking about how many times people had apologized for the way they looked or downplayed their successes. 

I kept looking at these people thinking, you fly fighter jets and you’ve been traveling for 19 hours, I don’t care what you look like! You’re a freaking BADA$$!! Another one- Why are you apologizing for being sweaty after playing sand volleyball in the 110* heat?! I don’t care what you look like! I just want to hear all about your amazing adventures as a gynocological surgeon in Kenya, Congo and Ethiopia! Another one- WHY on earth are you downplaying leaving a job you hated when you’re running a company you LOVE and absolutely KILLING IT?! 

How often do we do this? We downplay our successes so we don’t make others feel bad in case they aren’t on our level? Maybe they are! Maybe it just looks differently than what we think success is! Maybe they’re just starting their journey to success. 

I know you. I know you’re working hard for your dream. I know you’re studying your butt off to become that nurse practitioner while raising three beautiful babies and being the best wife you can be. I know you’re leaving your security blanket of a j.o.b. to pursue your passion as an entrepreneur. I know that you are climbing that mountain! 

The important thing is not for us to downplay what we’ve done. If you are successful by YOUR measures, own it! Your definition of success is not going to be the same as anyone else’s. 

And for the love of summer, quit apologizing for how you look! If people are coming to see you based on what you look like (or your house for that matter) they need to make an appointment and you need new friends. 

Own your success. Own your makeup free, gorgeous anyway face and keep killing the game. You don’t know who you’re inspiring along the way. Probably other successful people like me who just love the heck out of you because you’re you. 



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