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A few weeks ago, Moe told me he was feeling down, unmotivated and overall just “blah”. Then I got covid and after I recovered, I felt the same way. The odd thing was that I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I felt this way, just as he couldn’t either. 

Then I came across an article talking about the clutter in your space and the reasons you need to clean it out. Bingo! As I looked around my house, the kitchen table had become a catch-all, the baby’s toys were everywhere, I had papers and books piled on our dresser dating back to God knows when. My house is clean, but it’s not always picked up. Just being real with you here!

All the piles and junk had mentally taken over me and I’d had it. See, what happens when we let our space- work or home- get this way is, the clutter becomes distracting. We see it. We know it needs to be taken care of but we have 20 other things on our brain so that becomes a “I’ll get to that later”. Later never comes but you keep passing the piles and reminding yourself of the never ending to do list in your head.

For some, it hinders creativity. The mental overwhelm of what needs to be done can be stifling. Meanwhile, giving yourself an organized, clean space promotes motivation, creativity, and inspiration. In my case, this was absolutely true! More on that in a second.

In a recent study done by the National Association of Professional Organizers, being organized was found to give people an extra 60 minutes a day! Just because they were able to find what they needed! WHAT?! An extra hour a day? Imagine what we could do! Workout, self-care, spend more time with our families, sleep, clear more clutter…haha, kidding…sort of. 

Lastly, it was found that clutter actually adds more stress to your life. You’re looking at all these piles and the overwhelm of where to start takes over, so instead of just starting anywhere, you put it off and don’t do it at all. Then the vicious cycle starts again. 

What I found when I started clearing piles is that it was like a domino effect. I started with the kitchen table. That lead to a few areas in our dining room, then to my bedroom and our dresser. Then to our closet and before I knew it, I was cleaning out from under the fridge and scrubbing the inside of the microwave! All of this happened while Moe was on a 4 day work trip and when he came home, he was shocked! He kept saying “Wow! This feels so much better!” Additionally, I found the creativity and inspiration to create two more courses! (Watch for those in the next few weeks!) 

So, the next time you feel uninspired, stressed, out of creativity, overwhelmed and “blah” start with your space. Throw things away, organize, store, repaint- whatever you have to do to make your space feel clean and refreshed. It will refresh your mind too! 



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