Black Friday Growth Opportunities

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I love this time of year! I love that everyone has so much gratitude and enjoys the time with friends, family and loved ones. 

What I don’t love is that the day after Thanksgiving, a day where we have so much gratitude, love, fulfillment and togetherness, our inboxes are flooded with 9,285 emails of sales. I don’t love you being pressured into buying a program because of a fear of missing out or because you’re pressured into making a decision in one day. That’s not how I do business. I WANT you to take your time, make sure it’s right for you and be committed to your growth. Pushy sales make me want to puke. 

So this year, I’m offering and suggesting the gift of growth. This year, I’m starting Black Friday early. Like right now! I’m also keeping my Black Friday discounts open the entire week! Every discount is open now and closes on the 29th. 

Here’s how you can work with me at a discount:

Individual Voxer Coaching: 
This is limited to 5 people per month. It’s regular coaching but through Voxer. Voxer is an app that’s like a walkie talkie. Think of having a coach in your back pocket at all times! I will check in with you daily, coach you on what needs coached and it’s customized to what you need as an individual. This is for individual coaching only and does not apply to couples. You get full access to me Monday -Friday 8 AM- 5 PM. 
Usually $397/mo- Black Friday $297 for the month of December. Coaching is month to month with no contract. Reply to this email to purchase. 

For the rest of these, you can click the program name or the highlighted Black Friday price to purchase. 

Better Me, Better Us
An 8 week group course designed to help you better your marriage by yourself! Do you have a spouse that isn’t into getting help via therapy, coaching or otherwise? No problem. A great marriage is built on both parties being whole, healthy individuals themselves. When you are living into the best version of yourself, your marriage will see improvement as well. This course is 8 intensive sessions of tools and coaching (that I’ve used and applied myself) around what you can do by yourself to better your marriage. 
Normally $777. Black Friday Price- $657
Course starts Jan 4, 2022

Back To Basics

If you are ready to:

  • quit living on caffeine
  • set New Year’s goals and make them a habit before NYE
  • start prioritizing your life
  • live with intention and space enough to breathe
  • stop wearing “busy” like a medal of honor \
  • start communicating better
  • start setting boundaries
  • take your life back

THIS IS YOUR SIGN!! Get into this program! Get the support and accountability that you need!
What you get: 

  • Voxer coaching M-F (think of this as having me in your back pocket) to keep you accountable, answer your questions and get coaching in between sessions as you need it!
  • 5 group coaching calls (emailed to you if you can’t make the live).

Normally $197. Black Friday- $97
Course starts Dec. 4 with 2 weeks off for Christmas. Set your goals and start making them a habit before the NEW YEAR gets here! 

EQ & You
Are you ready to be able to communicate your emotions, needs and frustrations in a more effective, healthy manner? Ready to feel heard, understood and respected? Are you ready for a connected marriage? Are you ready to feel the positive difference in the interactions you have with your spouse? Are you ready for positive relationships at work, in your extended family, with your spouse and your kids? Then EQ & You is for you! 

** Note: I am currently coaching the first round of this and the participants are already seeing drastic changes and improvements with only 3 sessions!! 

What you get: 
8 Group coaching sessions 60 min each
1 Individual coaching session 60 min 
12 audio lessons emailed to you
Full Group Voxer Access- (M-F 8A-5P)

Normally $444- Black Friday $377

All Black Friday deals are final purchases. No refunds or exchanges will be given. Though, I’m pretty confident you’ll love them anyway! 🙂 

I am so excited about these programs and for you! Watching the people I get to work with grow into the best version of themselves is truly the best! 

If you have any questions, reply to this email and let me know! I can’t wait to work with you! 

Happy Thanksgiving week! 


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