Do you have enough space?

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Do you feel like your brain is on overdrive lately? Not even taking into account the world events, it feels like the mental load we’re taking on every day is more than we were built for, right? Just me?

I was reading a study done recently about that mental overload and the havoc it’s wreaking on marriages. As it turns out, what’s missing in marriage and in life is white space. 

Do you ever look at painting and feel like the colors really pop? There’s probably a lot of white space around those colors. That’s what makes them more vibrant and appealing. 

What about in your life? When was the last time you analyzed your calendar and what thoughts get the majority of your time? Is your planner packed with events written in every possible time slot? Are you married to your work and dating your family? Do you have clarity around what really matters? Does what really matters get the majority of your thoughts and time? 

When you look at your life, is it cluttered with things, people, events and tasks that bring you peace or resentment? Is there enough white space to let those who do bring you peace and joy in?

It’s easy to give advice of finding your work/life balance but difficult to do if there is no white space. If you’re not leaving room to enjoy a hobby, be in the moment or add an opportunity that comes up spontaneously that would bring you joy, finding that balance is going to be much more difficult. I would even argue that it will seem nearly impossible. This will make the ability to feel like you have room to breathe in your life much more difficult and add to the mental overwhelm.

The lack of overwhelm in a painting comes from using a lot of white space. It’s done intentionally to add emphasis on the colors that are used. Life is much the same. The emphasis on what’s important is magnified by the white space we have around it. If our calendar is full of “stuff” that is urgent (read: needs done but has nothing to do with your goals and everything to do with someone else’s goals) but not important (fulfilling to your own goals), the people and things that are important to us get what’s leftover instead of getting our best, as they deserve.

We create more white space in our lives by learning to say no without guilt or explanation. We learn to delegate. Yes, even if we are delegating to someone who won’t do it exactly like we would. Letting go of what we can’t control. Analyzing our world to see what’s working, what isn’t and what we need more and less of. 

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