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Month: September 2021

Are you the intruder in your marriage?

You know in a traditional wedding ceremony where the officiant repeats the bible verse Mark 10:9 “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate”.

I have always loved that part, thinking that it was a way to keep people from coming between the bride and the groom. 

What if that verse isn’t just meant to keep other people out of our marriage though? What if we are the ones separating our own union? 

Hey! You need a sandwich!

People have the tools to change their lives. They know to drink more water, eat healthier, get more sleep, set boundaries, etc`. They know that their marriage isn’t working and that they keep having the same arguments over and over. They know that the job they get up for and reluctantly travel to every single day doesn’t fulfill them and they might even know what does. But something gets in the way of the application to change their state or as stated in the example, to make the food that will satisfy their hunger. 

Do you have enough space?

It’s easy to give advice of finding your work/life balance but difficult to do if there is no white space. If you’re not leaving room to enjoy a hobby, be in the moment or add an opportunity that comes up spontaneously that would bring you joy, finding that balance is going to be much more difficult. I would even argue that it will seem nearly impossible. This will make the ability to feel like you have room to breathe in your life much more difficult and add to the mental overwhelm…